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Lesa Learns a Lot with a Little

Since signing up for volunteer mentor program, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Endurance’s Lesa Black says connecting with her Little has taught her a lot.

“An Instructional Designer for Endurance University, Phoenix-based Lesa designs the training curriculum for employees and leadership throughout Endurance.”

However, in her role as a Big Sister to six year old Little Sister Anna (not her real name), Lesa says over the past six months she has learned just as much as she has taught.

“I’ve learned a lot from Anna, in terms of her spirit, positive attitude and ambition. She is one of four siblings in a single parent family where her mother only speaks Spanish, and when we first started meeting she was falling behind in school,” says Lesa.

“Her homelife somewhat mirrored mine growing up. Coming from a poor and hard working single parent family, I am thankful for the various mentors who helped me achieve what I have today.”

Lesa says the difference the support and guidance had in her life made her decide to give her time personally to make a difference in a Little’s life, and she encourages others to get involved.

Anna and Lesa meet at least two days every month, first spending time going over school work before heading out for some fun.



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