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Star animator, published author and former HostGator customer, now a creative force for Endurance.

HostGator employee Ibis Fernandez has found his home at Endurance – and that’s lucky for us.

The 16-year veteran of the animation industry and author of, Flash Animation and Cartooning: A Creative Guide, was previously a HostGator customer, but when the economy went ‘bonkers’ as he describes it, he joined HostGator as an employee and today is responsible for creating customer tutorials, video and animation. 

An all-around rock star, Ibis is also the developer behind Toon Titan, a powerful coloring tool used by some of the world’s leading animation studios, including Disney.

Growing up without a TV and barely a radio, Ibis says drawing became his favorite past time and lead him to start an internship in cartooning after high school.

Ibis says he developed Toon Titan for himself, without any real intention of putting it out for sale.

“Working as an independent animator, I needed something that would help me speed up production while retaining the same level of quality, says Ibis. So I came up with a series of tools. Toon Titan is one of them. It primarily helps with cel shading and color management.

ToonTitan is used by Disney, primarily on their kids’ social network site, Club Pinguin, where they use it to color the games, animations, artwork, and marketing pieces” he said.

Ibis says he loves the work here at Endurance – and after coming aboard for what he thought would be a short time, fast forward four years later.

“Now that HostGator is part of Endurance I have collaborators and teammates that I can toss ideas around with, and participate in projects all over the country, whereas before it was basically just me. Early on when I started, I was limited to mostly instructional videos but now I’m more involved in marketing and able to explore my previous skillset. I definitely never thought I’d be teaming up with the guys from Bluehost and collaborating on projects, but here we are and I’m having a great time,” he said.

Ibis still pursues his passion for animation and in his spare time is working on his second book, Tradigital Animator, which will teach people how to create feature film quality animation using tools like Flash, Blender, and UDK Game Engine.

“Ideally I’d love to somehow be able to merge all those things I love doing with my work here at Endurance. But then you’d have a hard time getting me to leave the office,” says Ibis.

But that wouldn’t be a bad thing for us at Endurance, that’s for sure.

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