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Brian's Journey
EVP, International Operations

Brian Unruh

Brian Unruh leads Endurance's international operations. He began his career as a CPA at what is now Ernst & Young, but soon realized his interests were in global businesses. So his journey took him to San Jose during the technology boom, where he worked with U.S.-based tech companies reorganizing their global operations. Brian’s career then led him north to Portland, where he worked for several public hardware technology firms. Ultimately, Brian ended up at Dotster, where he was the CFO and helped to grow the business until its purchase by Endurance International Group. And since joining Endurance in 2011, he has helped transform the company from being a domain reseller to a leading domain name registrar.

Brian graduated from Oregon State University. And when not helping small businesses find the perfect domain name, he enjoys perfecting his golf swing and his cooking.

Through the Looking Glass

"In 5 years, nano intelligence will allow online access through new portals, such as tickets and cards."

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