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David's Journey
Chief Legal Officer

David Bryson

As Endurance International Group's Chief Legal Officer, David Bryson has seen more than a decade of change, growth, acquisitions, equity and debt financings. His journey to Endurance began at BankBoston where he amassed over 20 years in the legal department, helping to make the bank a better partner with its employees, customers, communities and stakeholders. The great experience David gained there -- handling acquisitions, managing risk, leading teams, finding a way to resolve complex legal challenges by providing the right advice at the right time -- proved beneficial after joining Endurance.  

David is inspired by the challenge of doing things right in an entrepreneurial, growing company.

Today, David is involved in every legal aspect of Endurance’s growing portfolio of brands, including strategic, corporate, development, operational and policy matters. What gets him really excited about his role at Endurance is working with his team to help make the web a better place for the customers and employees of Endurance. His team navigates the promise and potential of the web in order to help businesses achieve their goals while also protecting against the downside.

Outside of work, David enjoys photography, reading a good book on the beach, playing a round of golf with his three sons and spending time, and a good meal, with his wife and family.

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