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Jean's Journey
SVP, Marketing

Jean McCarthy

Jean McCarthy’s role is to create a web presence for small businesses while simultaneously making sure they have a good experience once they join the Endurance International Group family. Her journey to Endurance began at Prudential, where she worked as a research consultant. While there, Jean realized she loved working with numbers but not as much as she loved telling their stories. From there, she jumped to Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts, where she worked with the sales team and first realized the power of small businesses.  At Delta Dental, she was instrumental in the launch of their first website. Jean then moved on to become a Marketing Communications Manager at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In 2000, Jean came to Endurance as a Manager of customer acquisitions. She has since navigated her way to her current role, where she is enjoying helping small businesses worldwide find their destinies.

Jean graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Business degree and also holds a Master’s degree from Boston University. When not helping small businesses find their way, she loves to find herself in the outdoors with her family.

Through the Looking Glass

"In 5 years, voice recognition tools will understand a female, Boston accent."


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