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Kathy's Journey
Chief Administrative Officer

Kathy Andreasen

Kathy Andreasen uses her untiring energy to lead Human Resources and Administration at Endurance International Group. Her journey to Endurance began, fittingly, on a boat where she worked for an international sailing association straight out of college. Her career in Human Resources and her passion for small businesses began a few years later at a venture capital firm in San Francisco where she worked while also completing her MBA at the University of New Mexico. From there, she took leadership roles in HR in such fast-growing and dynamic companies as,, Cendant, Orbitz, Bill Me Later (purchased by eBay/PayPal) and Orchard Brands. Her years of experience all across the globe prepared her for her final position before joining Endurance: Chief People Officer at AOL. A year before starting at AOL, Kathy also joined the Board of Directors for APAC customer Services, Inc., chairing the compensation committee and serving for almost two years. Kathy’s love of the creative freedom in small businesses has helped to set the tone for the energetic culture of Endurance. And just as her career journey began on a boat, her passions often take her back to the ocean, where she sails, canoes, snorkels and scuba dives.

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"In 5 years, cars will be better drivers than people."

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