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Michael's Journey
EVP, Innovation and Strategy

Michael Kesselman

As EVP, Innovation and Strategy, Michael helps identify, evaluate and implement promising new opportunities for Endurance International Group. Before joining Endurance, Michael was an entrepreneur himself, co-founding and serving as Chief Product Officer of geoVue, a location optimization and services company, shortly after college. He led the development of a full array of online, desktop and mobile applications that helped fast-growing chain-store operators expand their footprints. After 10 years at geoVue, Michael decided to return to school, and received his M.B.A. from Wharton. While there, he met Hari and assisted with some product design for Endurance. 

Michael’s journey then took him to the world of consulting where he worked for Bain & Co. While he enjoyed the challenge there, he knew he wanted to get back into business operations. Endurance was growing quickly and Michael was excited to join Hari and take his strategy and product design skills to the next level. 

Now he is excited to help small businesses worldwide grow to the point where they can compete with the industry leaders.  When not obsessing over these challenges, Michael loves those of the ski slopes.

Through the Looking Glass

"In 5 years, keyboards will be obsolete."

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