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Barb Lund Pottery - An #SMBSuperStar from A Small Orange!

It all began in 1984 with one spur-of-the-moment pottery class for Barb Lund, owner of Barb Lund Pottery. Flash forward thirty years and Lund has created a thriving business, supplying a unique, creatively useful product to consumers nationwide.

“I love making pottery and discovered, after many years of hard work, that I actually could make a living at it,” said Lund. “In the late 1990s I realized that folks really loved my earring holders and in 2004 I started to sell them to gift shops all around the country.”

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Barb Lund Pottery retails and wholesales handmade, wheel thrown earring holders in a wide array of colors. While her holders have evolved a bit since her original design, the popular product Lund produces today is sold online through her website, Etsy and, and is also available directly from her studio and at gift shops nationwide.

Lund’s creativity doesn’t end there. She also sells a wide range of dinnerware including mugs, pitchers, casserole dishes and bowls of several sizes and styles. It’s clear Lund’s talent and strong work ethic are certainly paying off. Her advice to other small business owners, “Work hard, hard, hard and as much as you can. Selective advertising can really help as well.”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: Barb Lund Pottery
  • Type of Business: Handcrafted wheel thrown pottery
  • Years in Business: 31

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