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Buds & Blades -An #SMBSuperStar from A Small Orange!

In today’s chaotic, on-the-go world, one of the last things a busy homeowner wants to worry about it is maintaining a well-groomed lawn. Here’s where Rick Longnecker, owner of Buds & Blades Landscape Company, steps in to save the day.

Based in Olympia, Washington, Buds & Blades provides prompt, professional and knowledgeable landscape maintenance service for residential and commercial properties in the South Puget Sound.

Longnecker’s passion for landscaping extends well into his childhood, where his love for perfectly groomed lawns was born. “I never get tired of looking at green stripes, crisp edges and well-pruned trees,” he said. Longnecker’s prior experience working in the green industry inspired him to start Buds & Blades in 2005. “I noticed a big need for a quality landscape service specifically tailored to busy homeowners.” Flash forward nine years, and there’s no turning back.

While providing superior service is a main priority of Longnecker’s, he is also equally focused on his employees. Longnecker is dedicated to creating a challenging and safe work environment where his team can continue to train and expand their careers. “I like seeing our employees grow and I enjoy taking care of customers and running a small business.”

His advice for other small business owners, “Know where you want to go. Recruit, hire and train people to go there with you and don’t be afraid to take risks or embrace change.”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: Buds & Blades Landscape Company
  • Location:  Olympia, Washington
  • Type of Business: Landscape Maintenance
  • Years in Business: 9

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