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Old Time Shaving - An iPage #SmallBusinessSuperStar

Every day, millions of men wake up and perform a daily rite of passage that on a good day can be described as tedious or on a bad day, downright annoying. Over the last century, men’s shaving has evolved from an art perfected by a professional barber to boring routine. Tom Chambers, owner of Old Time Shaving, set out to change that.

“I started this business when I learned that the consumer does not have to spend $2 to $4 for a quality razor blade,” said Chambers. “A twenty-cent blade can offer a superior shave to the multi-blade razors.”

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Old Time Shaving and its sister brand Pearl Shaving USA, wholesales a range of high quality shaving blades and shaving accessories for men. You won’t find cheap plastic instruments among his stock, but top-quality safety razors with names like “Topaz Platinum” and “The Tiger.”

But, Chambers notes, there is no one perfect blade. “Seventy percent of your shave quality is determined by the blade you use. There is no one perfect blade. Every face is different so you need to try several brands of blades to find what's best for you.”

Chambers says Old Time Shaving was born out of a passion for “saving Americans their hard earned money and restoring the lost pleasure in traditional shaving.” His small business is only two years old, but he’s learned a lot about retailing and serving customers. His advice to other small business owners, “Go the extra mile for each and every customer. The rest will take care of itself.”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: Old Time Shaving & Pearl Shaving USA
  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Type of Business: Wholesale retailer of safety razors and shaving accessories
  • Years in Business: 2
  • Find them at: and


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