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#SMBSuperStar: Brookie’s Cookies

A teacher by trade and a hobby baker, Brooke Baron, owner of Brookie’s Cookies NYC in New York City, enjoyed coming up with original recipes and creating fun cookie sandwiches for her family and friends. As the popularity of her tasty treats took off, she decided to leave the classroom and spend more time in the kitchen developing products.

“I noticed that cookie options and varieties were very limited – it was hard to find fun, cute ones for children and ones that would really satisfy cravings,” Brooke said. “This inspired me to create appetizer, dinner, and dessert sized cookie choices! Sometimes we just want a taste and other times we want to indulge!”

Brooke stays passionate about her small business by always challenging herself to come up with new ideas and committing to them from planning to execution and all the way through to delivery of the final product.

She’s come incredibly far in the last three years and has a successful business to show for it! “I’ve gone from taking a few cookie orders on my own to having a kitchen and office with employees and an endless array of products,” she said. “I love making people happy. My merchandise is purchased for events, celebrations, holidays, and other special occasions. My cookies, cakes and other goods put a smile on everyone’s faces.”

The success of her business is no easy feat. Brooke admits that as a small business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day activities to ensure that the business continues to succeed, even if it means having no time to yourself, but she advises that “every now and then it’s important to get away and relax – it’s definitely good for clearing your head and even coming up with new ideas that may not have presented themselves in the midst of a business’ craziness!”

The most important take away for current (and aspiring!) small business owners? “You should love what you do, since this will probably be the hardest that you have ever worked in your life!”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: Brookie’s Cookies
  • Location:  Brooklyn, New York
  • Type of Business: One stop shop for party planning and sweet treats
  • Years in Business: 3

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