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#SMBSuperStar: Gymnastix Training Center

For David Pomerantz, owner of Gymnastix Training Center and a Constant Contact and HostGator customer, it’s incredibly important to teach children about how the positive qualities of athletics can positively shape the rest of their lives. It’s this ideology that has driven his successful business for 15 years.

Pomerantz’s state-of-the-art, 23,000 square foot training center in Buford, GA specializes in gymnastics and tumbling instruction for children. Helping his students master the art form is a top priority, but Pomerantz also uses his small business to instill the importance of perseverance and dedication in his young students.

“I started my business because of my love of gymnastics, and I want to pass that on to as many children as possible,” he said. “Being part of a sport like gymnastics helps teach children time management, goal setting, hard work, and teamwork, which are all important skills that can take with them and apply to their lives outside the gym.”

Pomerantz applies the positivity he teaches his students to how he runs his small business. When it comes to running his business and working with customers, employees and students, he follows the "Golden Rule” and simply treats them the way he wants to be treated.

With years of experience, Pomerantz has learned what it takes to run its operations smoothly. His advice to other small business owners? “You MUST plan! Trying to ‘wing it’ only results in disaster!”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: Gymnastix Training Center
  • Location: Buford, Georgia
  • Type of Business: Gymnastics and tumbling instruction for children
  • Years in Business: 15

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