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#SMBSuperStar: The Silly Smock

What inspired iPage, Constant Contact, and customer Jodi Roth to open The Silly Smock, an arts and crafts playroom and art school for children? Her deep passion for art.

“Art has therapeutic properties, is fun, and develops and challenges a side of the brain that is very often ignored,” she said. “Because I value art so much, I wanted to share it with my kids but I was very uncomfortable with the mess it was making in my home and found that I was not letting my kids truly explore. I opened my business because I wanted children to have a place where they can jump into art freely, without their parents having to hover and worry about a mess!”

Students as young as 8 months old – which is when children can start to sit and manipulate a brush – are welcome to start exploring art in Roth’s creative space in Laguna Hills, California. At The Silly Smock, there’s no such thing as perfection. Roth’s studio is filled with chalkboards, painting easels, and more where children can take smudges and smears and turn them into shapes and lines and textures, and eventually into masterpieces! “I love to ask the kids what they have drawn because to many it may just look like smudges and smears, but when they describe the amazing story in their head and why they chose the colors they did, the art seems to come to life!” she said.

The Silly Smock can serve as an inspiration for aspiring small business owners who want to open a business that stems from their own passion and interests. While Roth works incredibly hard at her business, she shares that the true key to success is genuinely caring about your product.

“My biggest piece of advice is that you must be passionate about the endeavor you are taking as a small business owner and that you really have to love the product you are selling because the whole process can be tough,” she said. “The love for your end product is what will get you through any scary moments where you think you are going to fail – it will push you to work harder to get your message out there and it will shine through to your customers and help them love your product like you do!”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: The Silly Smock
  • Location:  Laguna Hills, California
  • Type of Business: Kids Arts & Crafts Playroom and Art School
  • Years in Business: In their first year of business!

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