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#SMBSuperStar: West County Oasis Bamboo Garden

West County Oasis Bamboo Garden owner and bamboo aficionado Jesus Mora has taken an exotic plant and made it accessible to customers in the Greater Bay Area of Northern California. But his passion didn’t start from wanting to open a business; it stems from a passion for his product.

A former board member of the American Bamboo Society, and a consultant for the bamboo section of the Sunset Western Garden Book, Mora is passionate about educating customers about the plant and its uses for their homes.

“I am fascinated by the changing colors and growth of the different kinds of bamboo,” said Mora. “I’ve studied the plant for over 30 years so that I have the knowledge to help my customers select the perfect bamboo for their needs.”

Bamboo is a versatile plant with a variety of species that result in different shapes, sizes and colors, and Mora understands that this can be overwhelming for customers. When customers come in, he takes them for a tour through the nursery, answering their questions and helping them select the right bamboo for their needs​.

“It’s incredibly important to make each customer feel important – we’re the experts, and it’s our job to educate them on the plant and its care so they leave happy and have had positive experience.” While Mora loves owning his business, that’s not to say it’s easy! He encourages small business owners to persevere and to stay passionate about their product. His advice is simple: “Persist! Don't quit!”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: West County Oasis Bamboo Garden, "The Bamboo Place"
  • Location:  Santa Rosa, CA
  • Type of Business: Bamboo Nursery
  • Years in Business: 30 years in business; 6 years as the owner

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