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Still Hot Yoga - An @SMBSuperStar from A Small Orange!

For Eric Jennings, owner of Still Hot Yoga, establishing a strong personal relationship with his employees and clients is incredibly important. This mentality is obviously working, as Jennings’ business of 13 years continues to thrive and grow.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Still Hot Yoga offers approachable Bikram and hot yoga instruction in a casual and friendly environment. Jennings ensures that all clients, no matter their level of experience, feel supported as they establish habits that promote healthy bodies and clear, peaceful minds. “We try to make a challenging and vigorous yoga practice accessible to people of any age, shape or condition,” said Jennings.

Jennings’ passion for his craft is evidenced through his longstanding relationships with clients. He says he’s learned as much from his regulars’ hard work and dedication to their practice as he has from his own training.

While Jennings is focused on ensuring his clients are making the most out of their time at Still Hot Yoga, he is also dedicated to his employees’ success. “Hire people who are smarter than you and whose passion equals or surpasses your own,” he said. “Make all your employees and clients feel seen, heard and supported.”

His advice for other small business owners is to recognize that a company’s culture is a reflection of the owner’s vision and values. “Do what you think is right and trust that you will attract like-minded partners and clients.”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: Still Hot Yoga
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Type of Business: Hot yoga studio
  • Years in Business: 13

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