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Surya Design - An #SMBSuperStar from A Small Orange!

It’s not every day you find someone as skilled and versatile as Sandheep Surendran, owner of Surya Design. This jack-of-all-trades can handle any product development project clients throw his way, and his portfolio boasts an impressive resume to prove it.

“The start of my business was somewhat unintentional,” said Surendran. “I had been laid off and while I was contemplating my next career move, some projects came up. Shortly thereafter, I realized that independent consulting was my dream job.”

Based in San Francisco, California, Surya Design provides design, engineering and operations services to clients, with an emphasis on clean technology. You’ll certainly find a wide range of industry experience under Surendran’s toolbelt, including consumer electronics, automotive, toys and more. While his degree is in mechanical engineering, Surendran is also well-versed in electrical engineering and software development.

Surendran notes that, “Being self-employed enables me to take greater control over my life - from the work that I do, to the direction of my career and how I spend my time.”

Surendran says every business, large or small, has some fundamental resource needs, such as accounting, sales and IT. Through his six years of experience with Surya Design, he advises that trading services with other businesses is “a good way to address resource needs while keeping startup expenses down.”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: Surya Design
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Type of Business: Designing and engineering consultancy
  • Years in Business: 6

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