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The Parsi Company - An #SMBSuperStar from A Small Orange!

Ever feel like you’re just throwing money down the drain every time you use a paper towel? Have no fear, thanks to Samantha Shank, owner of The Parsi Company, there’s now an economical, eco-friendly way for you to clean up those kitchen messes. Introducing the ReTowel, a reusable alternative to paper towels.

Shank grew up living by the mantra, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, and do without," and has created the ReTowel with these words in mind. Shank’s unwavering passion for “natural living, frugality and all things history” influenced her company’s early roots.

Based in Elkhart, Indiana, The Parsi Company creates eco-friendly products inspired by World War II. Shank’s homage to WWII is a throwback to a simpler time when she says the Greatest Generation of American men and women had to be extra thrifty and ration paper for the war effort.

The ReTowel boasts a number of fun prints, is soft, yet durable, and rolls up nicely to snap onto any paper towel dispenser. What’s even better: it’s toxic free, unlike many paper towels containing bleach. Shank said, “after use, simply throw them into the washer/dryer and reuse them!”

Shank’s business first bloomed when she received an opportunity to participate in a local entrepreneur class - and the rest is history. She said the course taught her the ins-and-outs of running a business, and gave her both the connections and resources to get started. Shank’s advice for other small business owners, “Be passionate, and be willing to work hard AND smart.”

#SMBSuperStar Stats

  • Name: The Parsi Company
  • Location:  Elkhart, Indiana
  • Type of Business: Retailer of frugal and eco-friendly products inspired by WWII
  • Years in Business: 1

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