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What Does Advocacy Look Like?

Your idea delivered.

It’s not just a tagline or a slogan. It is an imperative for our company.

You see, we believe in the power of small business, the collective strength drawn from the commitment to getting up everyday and opening for business, whether it is on the street corner, or on the web.

We believe in the entrepreneur who doodles her dream on any napkin within reach.

We believe in the guy who makes 100 revisions to get the perfect logo and recites the company story to virtual strangers.

We get it — you have a dream.

And our job is to help you bring it to life on the web, with the right web presence, to nurture your sales through e-commerce, and your site traffic through smarter social media and SEO strategies, marketing products and of course, mobile.

Today, less than 50% of small businesses succeed. Not always because they had a bad idea, but because they had a good idea, badly executed.

At Endurance International Group, we intend to help you beat the odds by providing you with better information, insight and intelligence — ideas you can use every day to grow your business — on your terms.

This space on our site is dedicated to advocating for you, the small business owner. It is part of our promise we make to you: Your Idea Delivered.

Laurie Coots, Small Business Advocate

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