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Web Civility

See what we’re doing at Endurance to make the web a better place.

Endurance Signs Letter to Support ECPA Reform

Endurance has signed a letter to members of Congress to urge the passing of a clean Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) reform bill this year. Endurance joins many other large Internet and technology companies in support of ECPA reform, which would provide equal protection for personal communications stored in the cloud.

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Exactly who has online rights — and what rights are they entitled to?

Jane Shih, Assistant General Counsel of The Endurance International Group, spoke today at the RightsCon summit in Silicon Valley on a panel entitled “Protecting User Rights Online: Practical Issues Facing Early Stage Technology Companies.” The panel addressed some of the issues facing user rights online: As people are increasingly relying on apps to manage their lives, even small companies must confront thorny issues of free speech, privacy, and intellectual property.

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February 11, 2014 — Today is the Day we fight back!

Today, individuals and organizations around the globe are fighting back against governmental mass surveillance practices. With many being unsettled or outraged at perceived or real excesses of governmental intrusion and surveillance, many individuals and organizations are making their voices heard. Inspired by the work of the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz, they are fighting back -- We join them.

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Are You an Innovator or Just Trolling?

Trolls present a clear threat to innovation and their frivolous lawsuits threaten to stifle growth. That is why in the U.S. we need patent reform.

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Why Should Congress Update The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)?

Law enforcement and content access.

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What Is Web Civility?

Making the web a better place.

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